Types of Sports Betting

There are several types of sports betting. Prop bets are not related to the outcome of a game, and they can include anything from the length of the national anthem during the Super Bowl to what color Gatorade a winning coach will wear. According to a Morning Consult poll, 25% of Americans over 21 have bet on sports at least once. Another 18% bet at least monthly. And about 10 percent of adults are new to sports betting.


When setting the over/under, sports books take several factors into account. These include the offense and defense of each team, recent games and previous matchups, and player injuries. If the game is an outdoor sport, the weather will be a factor as well.


Parlay sports betting is a unique type of betting in which you combine several predictions into a single wager. For example, you can bet on multiple NFL odds and receive a payout only if all the bets win. While this isn’t easy, the potential payouts are great.

Straight bet

In sports betting, a straight bet is a bet on a single outcome. It may be on a team or a single player. A straight bet is different from other types of bets, such as a parlay. A parlay involves wagering on more than one team or player, and the point spread moves to lower the odds for a winning bet.


Futures in sports betting are a great way to boost your bankroll and lock in profits. While they can be a bit more difficult to predict, they are very lucrative when done correctly. They allow you to know exactly how much risk you are taking and can even help you to predict how a game will unfold over the long term.

Prop bets

There are several types of prop bets in sports betting. They can be placed on teams, players, or individual players. Some of them have larger betting limits, while others can be more limited. If you’re new to sports betting, prop bets are a great way to get started. However, be aware of the rules and make sure to use professional judgment.

Futures on horse racing

Futures on horse racing are wagers that are placed on the outcome of an upcoming event. Futures betting odds are published before the start of a season and are generally settled at the end of the season. However, in some instances, you can place a wager even before the season has started. This way, you can lock in the odds you’ve chosen.