The Daily News is a Great Source of News for Teachers and Students

Daily News provides an extensive collection of engaging articles and multimedia content for teachers and students. These resources are designed to help students learn about the world around them and develop critical thinking skills and 21st-century skills. They are also written to meet the standards of ELA, science, social studies, and SEL.

New York Daily News is a media outlet that covers political, business, and sports news in the United States. The newspaper is known for its coverage of the New York Yankees and New York Jets, as well as other major sports teams. It is headquartered at 450 West 33rd Street in Manhattan, New York City. The Daily News is a division of the Tribune Company.

The News has a history of being a conservative populist newspaper, but it shifted to a more moderately liberal position during the 1990s. It now holds an AllSides Media Bias Rating(tm) of Left, which shows that it displays media bias in ways that align with liberal, progressive, or left-wing thought and/or policy agendas.

Founded in 1851, the Daily News is one of the oldest newspapers in the United States. It is published four times per week and is distributed throughout the country. It is a major source of news about New York and has been known as “New York’s picture newspaper” since it began to print pictures in 1848.

There are many different topics for articles, but here are some that you can explore with your students:

Local and Trending Stories

Write about news happening in your school or community. There is always something going on in your area, and writing about the latest event can help students gain perspective and understand their communities better.

Topics such as local elections, crime, and weather can be fun and educational. Whether it is a big issue or a small thing, there will be a story that your students can relate to.

Articles about the sports teams can be a great way to keep your students up to date with their favorite team. In addition to writing about the games, you can also write about players, coaches, and other related news.

The Daily News has an extensive archive of articles published since 2013. These stories are available in multiple languages and at multiple Lexile levels, making them accessible to all students.

Thousands of schools incorporate News-O-Matic content into their literacy, science, social studies, and SEL curricula. Educators can search News-O-Matic by category, keyword, and language to find the articles that best match their needs.

News-O-Matic units are correlated to state and national standards, helping educators stay up to date with what their students are learning. Each unit has objectives and essential questions to ensure students are meeting the standards and learning what they need to know.

Reading Levels and Text Measurements

Every News-O-Matic article is indexed to the Lexile framework, so your students can easily read it on their own or with assistance from an adult. The articles are also read out loud by a global translation team, giving your students the chance to hear the story in its authentic dialect.