The Daily News at Yale

Founded in 1919, the Daily News is New York City’s hometown newspaper. It is a tabloid with intense city news coverage, celebrity gossip, and a variety of other entertainment features. It is also renowned for its large photographs, often in black and white, and its bold headlines, including “Ford to City: Drop Dead” during the financial crisis of 1975, and “Downtown Brooklyn’s Biggest Crime”. The Daily News has won numerous Pulitzer Prizes over the years, including this year’s award for public service journalism for uncovering how authorities were evicting people from their homes.

Among the first to use tabloid format, it once had the nation’s highest circulation. During the Great Depression, it attracted readers by offering sensational coverage of murders and other crimes committed by gangsters, as well as by covering poverty and unemployment. The Daily News is the ancestor of several other newspapers, including the Hartford Courant and the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

In addition to the newspaper itself, the Daily News has a variety of subsidiaries. It operates a number of television and radio stations, including WPIX (Channel 11 in New York City), which has its call letters based on its nickname as “New York’s Picture Newspaper”. The Daily News is also the parent company of the news website, Gothamist.

The Yale Daily News Historical Archive, which contains all issues of the paper from its inception in 1878 until 1996, was generously funded by a private donor. This gift facilitated the migration of the Archive to a modern platform, enables additional content from the period after 1996, and will ensure that the Yale Daily News Historical Archive is preserved for generations to come.

Each Daily News article is accompanied by “Comprehension and Critical Thinking Questions” to help students improve their reading comprehension skills. The questions are aligned to Common Core standards. Each question includes a “Background” and “Resources” section to give students a richer understanding of the article.

Daily News articles are a great way to introduce and reinforce social studies topics and skills. Teachers can also use these articles to support student research projects.

The Daily News Sentiment Index is a high-frequency measure of sentiment in economics-related news articles, based on lexical analysis. It is calculated as a trailing weighted-average of time series, adjusting for the composition of the sample over time. The Daily News Sentiment Index is published weekly. See Buckman, Hale, Shapiro, and Sudhof (2020) for more information.

Daily News is an American morning daily newspaper with the highest circulation in the United States. Its headquarters is located in Manhattan. The newspaper’s founder and publisher, Mort Zuckerman, was a major force behind the creation of the New York City skyline. The building that houses the Daily News was one of the first towering skyscrapers in America and still stands today, as does the massive Daily News Building sign on its top. In its early years, the Daily News employed thousands of workers. Its staff is well known for its hard-hitting investigative reporting, particularly on crime and corruption in government and business.