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Daily News

The Daily News is a morning tabloid newspaper that’s published in New York City. It’s a highly ranked newspaper and is considered a leading source of news for New York City, as well as for its surrounding areas. It has a circulation of more than 200,000 readers, and it’s a leading competitor of the New York Post. However, it’s been in financial trouble since years, and it’s in the midst of a major downturn. It’s currently owned by Tribune Publishing, and it has imposed pay cuts, furloughs, and cut its newsroom by half. It’s also facing a coronavirus pandemic, and many of its journalists are working from home.

The Daily News has been published since 1919. It was originally called the Illustrated Daily News. It was a precursor to the Los Angeles Times and the Los Angeles Mirror. As the paper grew in popularity, it had a circulation of about 1.5 million by 1930. It gained a reputation for covering sensational stories and political wrongdoing. As a result, it became the first successful tabloid in the United States. The newspaper also had a strong local news coverage, including crime and sports.

The newspaper’s circulation was 2.4 million copies a day in 1947. As a result, it was the largest daily newspaper in the U.S., and a model for the tabloid that appeared in the 1994 movie “The Paper”.

Its newsroom has been home to several journalistic giants. They include Jimmy Cannon, Bill Gallo, Bob Gallager, and Dick Young. A wooden bench is still located in the lobby of the building, and dozens of newsroom workers sat on it over the years.

A few decades after its founding, the Daily News was acquired by the Tribune Company. It was later known as Tronc. Its parent company is Alden Global Capital, which owns nearly one-third of its publicly traded shares. Its chairman and co-publisher was Mortimer B. Zuckerman. In the wake of its bankruptcy in 1993, Zuckerman sold the newspaper to Tronc for $1. This led to a rebranding of the paper as The Daily News.

In addition to the newspaper, The Daily News also has a website, which offers a variety of features. This includes a daily opinion column, large photographs of important events, and classified advertisements. It’s also available on mobile devices, and it has an interactive edition. With these digital tools, users can browse and share their favorite articles, as well as download editions for offline reading. It also has a feature for sharing through email.

The Daily News has a long history, and it’s had a huge impact on the way people view their country and their local communities. In 2017, it was named a recipient of the Pulitzer Prize for public service. In addition to its newspaper and website, it is also the host of a radio station. It’s also part of a multi-platform content company, Independent Media. It publishes 20 different newspapers.

The Daily News’s mission remains to cover life in the five boroughs of New York. Despite its tumultuous history, it’s been a leading newspaper for more than a century. It’s given voice to those who are often overlooked. And it has won numerous Pulitzer Prizes.