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Daily News

The Daily News is a tabloid newspaper that covers local, national, and international news. It includes a wide range of news categories including politics, crime, business, sports, and entertainment. It also includes a variety of opinion and feature articles. In addition to the main newspaper, The Daily News offers an online blog called The Daily Dose, as well as a number of weekly supplements.

The New York Daily News is a daily newspaper founded in 1919. It considers itself “New York’s Hometown Newspaper,” informing everyday New Yorkers about their city and more. Over the years, it has been known for zesty headlines (such as “Ford to City: Drop Dead” during its financial woes in 1975) and star columnists like Jimmy Breslin, Pete Hamill, and Liz Smith. The paper has won a Pulitzer Prize and continues to report on the most pressing issues in the city, such as police corruption, poverty, and housing discrimination.

With the Daily News app, users can access today’s most important stories wherever and whenever they want. The app’s easy-to-use interface allows users to browse the latest national and local news, as well as read top headlines from around the world. In addition, users can download the editions for offline reading and share stories through email.

Daily News is available on most mobile devices and computers. It is also accessible from the library’s website using a web browser. In order to access it from a desktop or laptop computer, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.

A free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader is available for most operating systems. To download it, click here.

The Yale Daily News Historical Archive is a collection of newspaper pages from 1855 to 1906 that have been scanned and made available for research purposes. This project was funded by an anonymous gift to Yale from a former Daily News alumnus.

ProQuest Historical Newspapers: Le Monde provides full-text and page images for thousands of historic newspapers from the United States, France, and other countries in Europe and Latin America. Its coverage of key events, trends, and developments in local, national, and international politics, society, culture, and business is unmatched by any other source.

This is a comprehensive news database with searchable text, cover to cover page images, and the ability to view PDFs of each article. The database contains the current and previous issues of the New York Times as well as a number of other regional and local newspapers from the United States and abroad. This database is available from home with your library card.

U.S. Newsstream is a large and comprehensive news database with searchable text, cover-to-cover page images, and the ability to view PDFs. It contains current and historic global news content, with archives that extend into the 1980s. Its extensive selection of news sources includes newspapers, wire services, news journals, television and radio transcripts, blogs, podcasts, and a wide variety of digital-only publications. It is part of the larger ProQuest Newsstream database.