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Daily News, a division of Knight Ridder Digital Media, offers readers a variety of news articles and information. The newspaper covers a wide range of topics, including politics and government, crime and court cases, sports, entertainment, and more. The Daily News is also home to a wide range of opinion pieces and editorials. In addition, the newspaper publishes Today’s Front Pages, a collection of front pages from newspapers across the United States and many nations worldwide.

The newspaper’s website includes an interactive map that lets users view the front page of any paper in the world, and a feature to allow readers to browse by location. The News’ online edition is updated several times a day and provides the latest breaking news. In addition, the newspaper’s site features a searchable archive of past stories, an extensive list of links to other resources, and a number of educational resources.

A key factor in the success of a newspaper article is its headline. The headline needs to be catchy, evocative, and intriguing in order to attract the reader’s attention and draw them into reading the story. The headline should also give an idea of what the article will cover.

Once the reader has read the headline and the first paragraph, they will want to keep on reading. A good news article will start with the most important information at the top, then progress in detail with each subsequent paragraph. This is different from a novel, which often starts with a large amount of information at the beginning and then builds up throughout the rest of the story.

When writing a newspaper article, it is also important to consider the audience. This is especially important for school papers, which are often written for a general audience. The audience should be able to relate to the article and find value in it. In addition, the article should be unbiased and free of biases.

The website of the newspaper features a variety of resources for teachers, including lesson plans, student activities, and an archive of teacher columns. It also features an interactive map that allows teachers to search for lessons based on a specific topic. Additionally, the website contains a blog where educators can share their experiences and ideas with each other. The website also features a number of videos that teach students about various topics, including the history of the New York City subway system and how to prepare for an interview. In addition, the website has a section dedicated to teaching social studies.