Daily News

Daily News is a newspaper that provides unbiased, factual reporting on local, national and international news. It is written by a team of award-winning writers, columnists and opinion formers. It is available online and in print. Daily News also features New York exclusives, politics and the latest gossip and entertainment. It is the official newspaper of the Yankees, Mets, Giants and Jets. Its editorial offices are in the famous Daily News Building on 42nd Street, an architectural landmark designed by John Mead Howells and Raymond Hood, which once housed the News’s radio and television affiliates, including WPIX-TV, which remains in the building.

The paper was founded as the Illustrated Daily News in 1919, but is not related to the New York Daily News of 1855–1906. In 1948, the News introduced the tabloid format that would become its signature and reached its highest circulation as a newspaper in the United States (often confused with the current “New York Daily News”, which was founded in 1947). It was the first U.S. newspaper to maintain a network of local bureaus, and its flagship office, at 220 East 42nd Street near Second Avenue, became an iconic building for the American media, with a large globe in its lobby. The News moved to 450 West 33rd Street in 1995, but its 42nd Street location is now known as 5 Manhattan West.

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